Underfoot Designs: for your floor
Jana Whittington’s Underfoot Design series are paintings that allow the viewer physical interaction with the art. Have you ever wanted to touch an art piece in a gallery or museum? Now you can walk on it and even lay on it! The idea came from reading about how early settlers who came in on oceanic ships, would take the cloth sails and use them on the floors of their homes. Some would have artisans paint them to further decorate their homes. With the advent of modern paint and components we can now have art on smooth hard floors that can be cleaned with soap and water!
Sculptures, Fishtoid Series Sampling
Inspired by scuba diving experiences, Jana Whittington has sculpted a new fishtoid species. It is a current and evolving series. Please contact Jana for more information.
Artwork series: listening to natures
Jana Whittington made some exciting changes in her life and the artwork reflects her impressions of her new direction.
Artwork series: Lake Powell Impressions
Jana Whittington has spent much time on Lake Powell studying natures metamorphic formations. The paintings are representative of the mystic and the sublime surroundings of Lake Powell.
Artwork Series: You can checkout but never leave.
Jana Whittington uses multimedia materials to explore the human condition of forced and intentional change.
Artwork Series: geometric vs organic
Paintings abstractly explore the organic and geometric push and pull through color, shape and line
Artwork Series: Musing
Artwork that is completed during periods of reflection. Much of Jana Whittington's artwork is abstract and playful. This representational series of artwork is marked by periods of life events and creative change through meditative contemplation.
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