Jana Whittington, PhD. Artist


Current Work








Jana Whittington's art is full of vitality and kinetic motion.

She has been working on a new sculptural 'Fishtoid' series that is inspired by her love for water and the ocean. Jana spends time scuba diving with family and friends and is inspired by the plant life and the inhabitants of these water worlds.


What has been written about Jana's Art


"It feels as if her work, a mix of abstraction and

realism, is a moment caught in flux, the hazy liminal

space between memory and emotion come to life. Her

pieces are tactile and evocative. They beg to be touched,

reaching out and beckoning one into the depths of

collective unconscious, arousing feelings that are the

universal truths; love, rage, unrest, and hope" Ashleigh Raizes Art Director, NY,NY

Artist Motivation

Jana Whittington has spent a lifetime creating art and finds the process intrinsically rewarding no matter the result. Jana states that her art is a process, a curiosity, a need, a challenge, and an internal desire that is always present. Jana’s art is influenced by her experiences, discoveries, problem-solving activities; which are influenced by the external environment and processed internally. Motivation is emotion and the process of the art work. Motivation/Emotion increases in intensity, equaling in persistence of her actions to create.


Academic Background

Jana has a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Instructional Design and Online Learning, Masters of Art in Humanities, with thesis in studio art and mixed media, Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting and Associates in Graphic Design. Her multimedia and technology expertise are enhanced by 15+ years of teaching Fine Art and Graphics, along with professional curriculum development, assessment, leadership, teaching and learning technologies for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Purdue University Calumet, College of Lake County, Yavapai College, and various other k-12 schools and art programs. Jana is now enjoying her time as a full time artist!


Contact: janaart@mac.com

For full CV, any questions or comments, please contact:

email, minimal, jeremy goldberg

Juried and Invitational Exhibitions

  • Tis Art Gallery, 2006-current
  • Video Art: Exertions of Exodus II.  Yavapai College Art Gallery Alumni Exhibition, Prescott, AZ.
  • Collage and Digital Painting. Artists on The Edge. Hammond Development Corporation, Indiana.
  • Exodus. ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Art Gallery. San Diego, CA.
  • Solo Exhibition, Painted Collage and Computer Collage, Yavapai College Art Gallery
  • Local Color Invitational Exhibition, Prescott Fine Arts Association Gallery
  • Contemplations in Collage, Solo Exhibition, Yavapai College Art Gallery
  • Curator and Exhibitor in the Invitational Electronic Imagery Exhibition, Prescott Fine Arts Association Gallery
  • Yavapai College Invitational Alumni Art Exhibition
  • Five juried exhibitions in the Yavapai College Student Art Show, awards first through honorable mention.
  • Phippin Art Museum, Invitation only exhibition Prescott, Arizona
  • Two-person invitation exhibition, Willis Street Art Gallery, Prescott, Arizona
  • Two-woman exhibition, Willis Street Art Gallery, Prescott, Arizona
  • Yavapai Christmas Invitational Art Exhibition in Prescott, Arizona
  • Women of the Arts Invitational Exhibition in Prescott, Arizona

Multimedia Productions

  • School of Technology Promotional Multimedia DVD, Publication    Role in production: Art Director, Designer, Videographer, Photographer, Production Artist, Graphic Editor, Artist, Video. Editor, Animator, Motion Graphics Designer, Music Composer, Music Editor Music Production, Sound Editor, DVD Menu Designer.


  • Plan for Success Campaign Multimedia CD., Purdue University Calumet. Role in production: Artist, Designer, Animator, Motion Graphics Designer, Video editor, Graphic editor, Music editor, Production Artists.


Art Publications

  • Whittington, J. The Process of Effective Critiques, ELSEVIER Computer Graphics. 28, 401-407.
  • Whittington, J. Contemplations in collage. M.A. Thesis, California State University, CA